Respect to Cowboy Cerrone for not whining

I have always been a fan of Cowboy, but even more so after he loses a close decision that could have gone both ways and he puts a smile on his face and congratulates the opponent.
You'll find yourself at the top sooner later Cerrone, keep chuggin along.

 Yeah, it shows he has some character and honor to go along with his skill and toughness.


very close fight and both deserved victory, Cowboy rocks, he needs to improve his wrestling and he'll be hell for anyone....actually he already is...

 he probably thinks Varner will lose to Benderson, thus he won't get to bink Varner again.

I think Varner said it best afterward when he said Cerrone is a fighter's fighter.

He comes to scrap, both of his losses were really close and he represents the sport in a good way.

Nothing but respect for the Cowboy.

He came alot closer to winning this fight than the Varner fight....yet he complained about the Varner fight....I dont understand.

huge contrast between how he takes losses and a guy like rampage does

he didnt rly complain about the varner fight, he just called varner a pussy for quitting more or less

he took his licks and didn't get a chance to give them back in the Varner fight, that's what pissed off the fans. Varner quite when Cowboy started to lay all on. big difference in the two fights.