Respect to BOTH guys for the battle between Royce and Yoshida last night, the battle that regardless of who fought well or who did better was a DRAW.Half of everyone here (being generous) needs to grow the fuck up.
Half of that needs to suck it up and maybe even admit Royce fought a LOT better than you expected, that he dominated a fight he was expected to get tossed around in by you, and get dominated badly.
The other half of that needs to tone it way the hell down.Show a little class, it was a DRAW.Yes by all accounts and people that were actually there Royce dominated the fight, he proved a point to everyone that watched and to himself.Nobody got to finish the fight though so regardless of any domination it's still just a draw in the record books with Royce winning back respect for his fighting skills.Each side in this is just as bad as the other, it makes our job a giant pain in the ass trying to deal with all this and be fair about it.Sometimes it's better just to bite your tongue and know you were right, or if you just have to say something about it try and show a little respect for the fact two guys went and fought and did their best./rant off.



Please don't make me grow older, sheesh...........

*starts the wailing & wringing of hands*



best post today.


Wisdom reigns in 2004.

This is just the backlash from all the judo troll posts that have been on this forum since the first Yoshida/Royce fight.

judo troll postsPlease, make me laugh harder.Some of us have been here since the days Rorion ruled.

growing up, no way, I am going back to neverland

Conscience of the page Gordon Hester posting
under a new screen name??!? :-)



Lets just say this... Until everyone can see the fight, the full fight, I don't believe anyone's accounts...

Some good examples of fights where people saw fighters dominating where the rest of the world ends ups scratching their head: Randleman x Rutten, Belfort x Herring, Ricco x Mino, Tito x Silva, Henderson x Mino and Goes and Newton and... along with countless others.

So until everyone can watch it, take 'first hand accounts' with a grain of salt. Bias and bandwagoning can colour someones 'object view' of things.

Wixom: And you need to read what I said. Enson is just more than a bit biased. And Bias colours what we see. And for some reading so everyone knows what the fuck is up: Click here for a huge number of fights where people see things very different.Until everyone can see it, it's just conjecture and biased reporting.

Didn't Enson leave Relson because of conflict? I thought Enson resented the Gracie family?

half of this...
half of that...
half of the other thing...

hey don't that all ad up to like nine halves or somethin... ;)

Wixom: True, but until we can all see it...

Spankenstyne is a correct and wise.

And with that, goodnight... Everyone have a good night... I'm off to find a bottle of the cheapest vodka there is out there and celebrate the new year.

Happy New Year all of ya :)

Yes all of ya.