Reug Reug suffers first loss, by throat punch

Saved by the Bell is a boxing term that means after the round is over if you don’t beat the 10 count, you’re saved. What you have typically heard in championship matches since around 1988, " a fighter can be saved by the bell in the 12th and final round only"

It’s really mostly known as a tv show tbh

Haha yeah and an awful show at that. In combat sports it’s frequently used in a way that is different than its origin though is all I’m saying.

Also I was amazed when I first started participating on this site at the number of people that don’t understand “split” and “unanimous” decisions refer to the judges not the rounds. Boxing judging should never have been implemented in MMA and should’ve been completely replaced by now imo.

Omg that is beyond pathetic. The guy basically just folded and gave up … not a good look for the hyped undefeated fighter lol

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The funny thing is the punch didn’t land but his did.

Fuck that org. Fuck people who promote it.

Wow. That’s pretty fucking pathetic.