Reverse Omoplata Passes

To cut the "What's a reverse omoplata?" off at the pass, see it here and here.

These passes grew out of my love of pinning the arms with my legs while passing guard. They really developed after I watched Taking the Back in Marcelo's second set and saw how he takes the back and the crucifix while passing guard. I also owe Luis' SoFlo DVD and its forklift pass. At first I was just pinning the arm with my knee and flipping them to turtle, but then I was left with the problem of still getting the crucifix and crossing the arm back. So I started looking for a way to skip that. Once I'd chopped up the techniques that Marcelo and Luis taught, I recombined them so I could pass straight to the reverse omoplata trigger position (crucifix on knees with arm back). And this made me smile.

These setups work well with normal guard passes because common defences often help you get them (such as posting on your hip to block the pass, or grabbing your sleeves to try to stop an under pass). And if you find you're having too much trouble doing these setups, you're still good to just drop them and finish the standard guard pass.

They also work gi and no-gi, though gi is obviously easier since you've got cloth to grab.

Enough blah blah blah. Here they are:

  1. Standing guard pass to reverse omoplata
  2. Double under pass to reverse omoplata
  3. Quicky under pass to reverse omoplata

I was worried that it might be considered redundant to demonstrate three passes that are so similar. But that quickly passed when I realized I'm awesome and there's no such thing as too much of the reverse omoplata.

I have a fourth variation I do with the gi. Just replace grabbing the thighs with grabbing the belt to lift their hips.


This next bit is rather simple and may appear obvious, but I have yet to see many people actually do it to get the crucifix and instead just complain about how hard it is to get the arm out with their knee alone.

Sideride detail -- pulling the arm

While this last one may seem like a comedy option (especially when I obviously have the choke in all these photos) I have actually used it when someone is defending their neck really well, especially when they have a gi to grab. That doesn't make it any less funny.

Comedy reverse omoplata from rear mount

You can also just use the first part (passing the arm under the hook) and switch to a one-on-one on the other arm. This leaves them with no arms, and you with a free one for the RNC. Then if they start escaping rear mount, you've still got their arm trapped and can switch to the crucifix.


Is this on the website?

No, I didn't think me in a rash guard and Omosama BinGrapplin beard and the Joe Boxers hanging out made for a good public face.

those are some pretty cool setups.

I know things are very busy--but will we be seeing an updated website soon?  ; )

I'll see about getting Eduardo to do the Three Brothers for the camera this week. Also feel free to send me any photos or tournament results you want listed.

Thank you!

that looks great

ttt for Matt's upcoming Reverse Omoplata DVD set:)

Great stuff.

Have you seen any high level guys get the move before? I've seen Saulo do it twice...once without the gi, once with it. He didn't use the awesome setups that Aesopian just showed, but same finish.

If you check out the original thread you'll see that I've compiled a little list of times I've seen it done in competition. It's not very common.


TTT for this very comprehensive look at a great technique .

Stephan was nice enough to host my techniques -- and several more by my instructor Eduardo de Lima -- on, and this week's tip is even based on them:

I'm so internet famous.

Just watched the Helio Soneca DVD (which has great techniques on it btw) and in the end of the DVD they show some fight footage. He basically does the exact same thing in an old BJJ tournament and gets the tap. Pretty awesome, from the basic pass, he set up the arm, rolled right into it...