Rex Richards went in against a tough test against muay thai specialist Sunia Filikitonga, who had been hailed as the top super-heavyweight in Texas. Rex used his flexibility and athleticism to land push kicks, head kicks, and leg kicks to keep distance from Sunia's right hand. When openings occured Rex attacked with vicious jabs and crosses.

Toward the end of the first, Rex caught Sunia with a right and Sunia held up his hands and told Rex to "hold on". Rex saw Sunia about to fold and finished with a barrage of punishing strikes winning by TKO in round 1. Rex showed why he is ranked as a career top 10 super-heavy in the world on the power rankings.

Thanks to Clay Hantz, Jarrets sponsors and family, Tiba and Felipe, Draculino and Leo Cantu of Gracie Barra, Brad Barnes for the corner-work, and of course Rex and Jarret for their hard work and success tonight.

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great guy.. would love to see him in Strikeforce again.