Rey Diogo DVDs

Does anyone know anything about the Rey Diogo
DVDs? I am about to buy the Half Guard (Top &
Bottom, around $16 bucks each). I am trying to
improve my half-guard game. Lately I've been stuck
down there or being swept from the top position all
the time. Any suggestions on tapes?

I just ordered his from the bottom half guard tape. As soon as it arrives I'll give a review.

Forum mod Andre gave it a thumbs up, but he was also in the video--so I will give it a fair and unbiased "no spin zone" review soon.

Thanks, man


I have both DVD's. I think they are good if you have a foundation in the basics of the half guard top and bottom. If you are very new to the half guard game, then I would go with Nathan Leverton's (sp?) tapes and then get Rey's next.