RFC is cancelled

for this saturday. that is all i know

Thanks for the heads up, Rob.  I just checked out the web site www.rfcmma.com/ and found that it has been postponed until Sept 15th.

This was going to be their best card yet, imo.

Hopefully it will stick for the Sept. show.

I heard that Berto's opponent had been suspended for biting an opponent and they were trying to find a replacement. I'm not saying that was the reason for postponement but it may have contributed. Maybe the card was falling apart and they needed some time to put another one together? Maybe a venue conflict? Anyone have any facts?

John - they did in fact find a replacement opponent for Berto - Juan Barrantes - although who knows about the rest of the card falling apart. . .

ttt for more answers.


anyone know the real reason it cancelled???

Bertos opponent suspended, two sick fighters and one with family problems.

Promoter said they didn't want to throw together the fight at the last minute with that many fill ins. Sucks that it got postponed, but I'm glad I didn't have to go watch a crappy event tonight.

Went to the Kenny Chesney concert tonight so I wouldn't have made the fight but now I'll get to see it. Worked out good for me anyway.