Rib Injury: TME

OK so tonight I was rolling and I was under mount going for an elbow-knee escape when suddenly my rib on one side - on the front of my body, like my floating rib area - sort of "folded" in and I felt a pop and some pain, when I uncrunched my body the rib popped back up into place. Then it felt fine, so I tried another roll and 30 seconds later it happened again.

Of course I'm going to the doctor but I'm wondering if anyone has any similar experiences and what the recovery time was like.


Yeah man same thing happened to me 2 years ago while practicing mount escapes. Felt my ribs pop out and go back in. I took almost 2 months off to fully recover. rib injuries suck. You'll know in the next few days if it's serious or not. Phone Post

Can take a long time. Training everyday will about triple that time.

Rib injuries absolutely suck. Phone Post

They're fucking terrible. Go to the doctor but just an FYI they're probably going to tell you they can't do anything. Bruised or broke its the same treatment. Ice and time off.

If you have to get back onto the mats let your partners know what's up and tap quickly. Anytime I was getting stack passed I would tap then concede side control on the restart. Avoid scrambles at all costs until you're 100% otherwise you will make it worse.

I had the same scenario you did, but went back to soon and it happened again wayyyy worse. I had to have someone pick me up off the mat the second time after I laid there for nearly half an hour. Hurt to breath, laugh, cough, stand/sit, basically move. Phone Post 3.0

Don't train for at least 3 weeks, unless you're an idiot. It took me over a month to be able to train again.

Your chances of re-injuring yourself are astronomical if you go back in too soon.

It takes time for it to heal, and then it takes a lot of time after that to get it back to feeling 100% Take your time, let it heal right, and you'll be better off in the long run.

BJJ will still be around when you get back.

Thanks y'all.

I did go to the doctor, and it's torn rib cartilage, basically. I'm fine with taking a month or two off - I just came off a five-year layoff so a month doesn't sound too bad.

And if history is any guide I will be slightly better when I return from the layoff lol

They do suck.  I just had one in february..  

My .02 is to take 6 weeks off at least.  Then, based on how you feel, pick your partners to train with.  Don't go with the crazies until you're all healed up.

I 'popped' my rib in the same spot right after I got my blue belt. I have a big marble size knot there ala Chal Sonnen now. All you can do is put it in a bag of RICE. Mine took 8 week to heal up enough for me to slowly resume training.