Ricardo De La Riva

Ricardo De La Riva
Jessi Taran, who trains at Open Door BJJ, was kind enough to let me use this awesome article (originally published here on the UG forum) about her experiences training with Ricardo De La Riva.
Check it out if you have a minute at BJJNews.com

On a personal note, I had a similar experience training at De La Riva's school in Rio this summer. 

"For as long as I ’ve been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I ’ve heard the name ‘Ricardo De La Riva ’. My primary BJJ training took place at a Gracie Academy, and perhaps because of this, the name was mentioned quietly, almost reluctantly, like the admission of a secret, shameful sin. It was for this reason that the name ‘De La Riva ’lodged itself so firmly in the recesses of my brain. I felt like something about this man was hidden from me; maybe not purposely, but there was definitely something left unspoken. I could feel it...."

de la riva is the man



TTT one last time.  This is a killer interview and I'm glad it's been published.


great interview!

ttt for de la riva

Wow, what a great interview. If he ever comes around Southern California I would love to have the opportunity to see him, attend a seminar, or just meet the man. Does anyone know what he's up to these days?

Thanks for checking it out! 

Wow...that´s really cool!
I´m black belt in BJJ and I was very impressive with De La Riva´s technique as well.
´We at Open Door are very lucky to be able to represent De La Riva association over here in the West Coast!
We will be bring him back for more goodies and seminars!
Sincerely,Sergio Silva

ttt for De la riva!!!


Next "Chess on the Mat" - Ricardo De La Riva/Monteirao seminar tour will happen in May!

Marcello C. Monteiro

does De La Riva currently teach in the U.S?

No, but he will be back

Awesome.... any word on when/where he'll be teaching yet?

Very nice!

Thanks to Jess... and to you all.