Ricardo Lamas wins ice bucket challenge

Blue help please. These are getting a little old, but this made me laugh.

http://youtu.be/Et4COEm3LeM Phone Post 3.0




awesome dog in back


Someone needs to tweet this vid to dfw.

That was........a thing of fucking beauty.

that was awesome.

I love the sound effects.

Dude is one of the most underated characters in MMA right now. The more I see him the funnier he gets.

Omg lmao!!! That was funny Phone Post 3.0

Solly97 - Can't see shit on iPhone :/ Phone Post 3.0
When this happens to me on my iPhone (fairly often) just copy and paste the link into Safari.

Worth the effort, I promise Phone Post 3.0

I dislike ALS very much! Phone Post 3.0

Lamas is awesome

lol Lamas is the man!

LOL, really good

Excellent effort!

Dude needs to pull some weeds though. Phone Post 3.0