Check him out on Sherdog !!! I know he took the fight on short notice... but, DAMN !?!?


str8right... for pics go to Sherdogs forum topics and click RICCOS OUT OF SHAPE!!!

dam it ...i hate clickin back and fort.im tired...lol

where is his girdle?

whitejoe is correct, Ricco didn't fight on short notice, he knew he would fight well in advance, only his opponents got switched.

Its from MMA-fighter.

The thing about Ricco he was a really big, fat guy before he dropped the weight and got into condition pre UFC. He was fat enough (300+), that even when he got in great shape, his skin around his lower stomach was all stretched out. He always had that belly flap, but he wore his trunks high to hide it.

"but he beat Nog" ....you might wanna check his record again mr. kerry.

lol....you know what i mean dam it...

Is that picture photoshopped?

lol....no photoshop.its real.

Stupid question and WAY off topic, but when is the Pride event going to happen LIVE so that I stay away from forums, etc.?

ricco trained to fight a scrub and then got h20man last minute

show a pict. after he beat Randy.

Wow, he sure knows how to pack on the pud'...

Even when I don't eat well, my metabolism is fast enought to put too much on, can't believe it's not similar for Ricco.

I guess body types REALLY do make a difference.

I just read an article that stated Ricco was infact training for a fight (but the fight with Waterman as his opponent was indeed on short notice.) Ricco generally fights a little pudgy but man I've never seen him in that kind of condition.

No wonder why he takes his shirt off at the club he has the fatmans syndrome. You know when a fat guy or girl gets in shape and shows it off

lookin good ricco.......lol

he needs to stick to sumo wrestling.