Rich Franklin?

First off, I've noticed there is hardly any buzz about the Vitor loss. Strange.

Second, I know Dana says Rich always has a job with the UFC, but where does this fighter go from here?

Can't go back to 185, 205 is not working.

He has always been one of my favorties, but what do you guys think his career is headed now?

IMO, I was thinking that maybe he should take a year off, but his age might prevent that.

What you guys think?

I don't see where 205 isn't working for Rich so far - He beat a tough Matt Hamill at that weight and dropped a close decision to Henderson. I'd like to see him against the likes of Rampage, Forrest & Ortiz. I hope he finally gets to make a go of it at Light Heavyweight.

There's plenty of guys he can fight at either weight. He's been down b4 and he'll be back.

Ortiz v Franklin after The Antidote double legs Tito through the cage.

I say either make the man a freaking 195 division already or keep him at 205 for fights with Rampage, Ortiz, Rashad, Shogun, Liddell and so on.

Having him fight at 205 for one fight and then fighting at weight classes that don't even exist(even though he's been in like 3 of them at 195) isn't doing any good for the guys career. Just send him to 205 for good and keep Anderson away from him(for Cre's sake).

He just had a tough decision from Hendo, and the only people to have ever finished him were vitor, anderson, and lyoto.

What do you mean he aint going anything in 185 or 205?As in he won't be champion soon? Well neither will 99% of everyone else. i guess those 99% should just retire too.

If Vitor had been completely gassed and getting beat up, and managed to catch Rich late in the fight with a haymaker, then we could call it a fluke. Vitor beat Rich in the same manner as he beat Scott Ferrozzo twelve(!) years ago, fast strikes and killer instinct. Fluke..come on.

I hope Franklin can rebound and maybe refine his striking a bit. He's been successful with it, but it wouldn't hurt if it was a bit crisper against the likes of Belfort, or Rashad and Machida for that matter.

vitor won that hands down. no fluke.
i don't see Vitor beating Rich everytime though.

when you're always fighting top guys you are going to have losses.

not too many people like Andersoan that can beat practically anyone.

I was surprised Rich went down initially. Vitor's punch looked like a grazing back /top of the head shot. Obviously it packed power.

Rich took hard shots on the ground and didn't have time to roll into guard or cover up better.

Still a decent fighter, just lost to a hard fast puncher. No shame.

 Considering the nature of the loss his position isn't really affected.  Give him a top 205er like Thiago, Forrest, etc.

 He will just get a lower profile opponent at 205, vitor can knock out anyone in the 1st if he lands his shots.

My guess is Rich vs Jardine.

IMO Rich will become like Chuck now. Dana will put him in marquee fights that really have no relevance.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he fought Chack next

rich is just a slow puncher. he should stay at 205 imo

I'd like to see Rich fight Jon Jones.

OriginalTUFer - If 205 isn't working, who has he lost to at that weight?

Vitor literally caught him in one exchange; let's not act like he was landing at will.

Yeah, but when you have a glass jaw, one tap is all it takes!


bryanand is correct. rich will fight "name" opponents to headline soft events, but will really be a man without a division. when you cant win a belt above or below you, this is all thats left. he'll get small LHW's, MW's on the way up or will be used as a gatekeeper.


Agree with others in this thread. Let's see what he does at 205 first. Lots of match-ups for him there. I’d like to see him headline a UFN rather than a PPV (even a low level one) though.