rich franklins diet

I remmeber somehwre i saw he had some kind of cheat meal protocol. I cant remember specifically but i believe it was like from 6pm to midknight he would eat doughnuts for 6 hours strait if he wanted. I remember vaguely does any one remember the specifics of his cheating protocol. - thanks


you have it 100% right. He has to eat right from midnight to 6pm... but from 6pm to midnight he can eat whatever he wants, every single day.

From what i remember he had one cheat day per week.. and it looked like he went to town on that one day... every other day was to the nines though

Hopefully he takes knees out of his diet for next time. I did not enjoy watching him eat those.

^^^ that was hilarious

yea this is only once a week he does this but how many hours i believe he did it for six hours, anyone know? I dont think knees should count as a cheat meal they are high in protein and fiber. He didnt have to drink his protein recovery drink after tat fight for sure.

Knees, they're King of the all the Meats.

eat green stuff

NO! When he eats after midnight he turns all mean and ugly.

After the Silva fight he's now afraid of Bright Light, Bright LIght!!!

All junk food, all the time.

no more cheat days for rich

someone slipped a worm in his donut

On a serious note - I think most people have just a cheat MEAL... not a whole cheat day or anything.

i have multiple cheat days

From this day forward, Saturday is cheat day. That is all...

saturday 10pm- sunday 10pm was mine when I actually cared... bar saturday night then followed by whatever food I want to go with whatever game would be on sundays (football, baseball, b-ball...) Sunday is the day God invented pizza and chinese delivery for...

Opus diet? where u carb delete or something then have 1 overload day or something.........

Something to do with insulin and muscle growth..........I dont know, just recall hearing something about this back in late 90's.  Could be 100% wrong, but its a start....

One cheat day per week is mandatory. I read it. I wrote it down and I read it.

fleshy man knees

i'm sitting in my living room laughing out loud at the 'i dont think knees
should be considered a cheat meal' and having to explain it to my wife is
very hard.

where do you start??

that some funny shit