Rick Hawn Seminar 5/6 Sunday Birmingham YMCA

2004 JUDO OLYMPIAN & BELLATOR PRO MMA FIGHTER Mr. Rick Hawn will be conducting a three day (May 4 and 5 at Chu To Bu Dojo in Ohio and May 6 in Michigan at Saito-dojo, Birmingham YMCA) workshop covering kids judo, competitive judo, applications of judo in no-gi Grappling, jiu jitsu & MMA.

Registration/Flyer is on the Michigan Konan website:


 That sounds like a good Seminar.

It is very difficult to get higher caliber judo players to do seminars in Michigan. Judo participation has declined due to the popularity of BJJ which is hugh in Michigan. Many of the higher caliber judo players that come to Michigan are either Korean/Japanese usually on some work visa/one year language program. Rick is doing a 2 day seminar near Cleveland the day(s) before so we were added Sunday.

I will be there.

Just got notified the seminar is recheduled so Rick can prepare for his next mma fight. He won his mma this past weekend.