Rickson and "Special Rules" question

I have seen claims  here and there on the net that the Gracies demanded special rules in Rikson's fights with Zulu.

I think Zulu has claimed that the Gracies demanded that there be some limitations on strikes  and striking on the ground. Something like that anyway. I am not 100% clear.

 I have also read that Rickson demanded more restrictive rules in his fight with Funaki which would limit the types of strikes and where they could be ustilised.

I have tried to find out more about these claims but have not been able to find anything really substantive. I would find it disappointing if they are true as they would significantly undermine Rickson's "prepared for a real fight" philosophy, In my opinion anyway.

Could anyone shed some light on the "special rules" isssue?

The only thing I have ever heard was about time limits and judges.

Have you been to Brazil?   Rules get tossed out the window pretty quick.


Scene in Choke where Rickson tries to get some special rules slipped in at the last minute. Hard to imagine that being the only time he did that. 

False, the clip is out there.

I didn't get the impression that it was Rickson who wanted the standing eight count in Japan.

I thought he looked rather disinterested in the whole thing while Todd Hayes' camp made a huge fuss. I thought the Japanese had instituited this rule, I could be wrong, but that's the impression I have always got and I have seen Choke a lot of times.

I know things can get wild in Brazil, but the Zulu fight with Rickson that is available certainly wasn't any sort of "no rules" affair. Yes, Zulu tries to go for Rickson's eyes at the end, but the Ref clearly bats his hands away.

That isn't the point anyway. I would like to know if anyone can confirm whether or not the Gracies demanded no striking/limited striking rules prior to Rickson's fights with Zulu?