Rickson Gracie and Bruce Lee

Who would win in UFC rules?


We, the intelligent, logical, mature and well educated members of this forum refuse to answer any such threads that deal in the hypthetical subjects that deal with what Bruce Lee would have done, who he could beat, who could beat him, etc. Any such persons posting such a thread will be warned upon their first transgression. Public beatings will follow if said transgression is repeated. Thank you.

::Afraid to answr in fear of getting shot::

What the hell is a Bruce Lee thread doing on a JKD forum?!? :)

This question is more suited to the "What if..." forum, where this very question has been asked and postulated about.

This forum is better suited to threads related to discussions on enhancing fighting performance (which is what Bruce Lee would've preferred). For example, "Climbing to high guard".


I think Bruce Lee practices dead patterns now.

"I think Bruce Lee practices dead patterns now."

Da da boom!!

Bad joke, Phil. :)

Ok, Sled Dog, now how about a thread on how to clean coffee off of computer screens...ROTFLOL...