Up nice and close too. Wish I had him to teach me how to breathe when I'm angry.

Though on a personal level the Aikido that Rickson taught would seem to be at odds with the teachings of Gotoma who became Buddha. Associating a strong physical action with a particular emotion is like creating a quasi-samsara that one would have to divest oneself of with a lot of hard work and meditation before one could escap the wheel of craving and aversion.

Otherwise I guess you could call it a Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique because it would effectively create a movement that would trigger the emotional state. You know, feel anger, belly dance. Feel anger, belly dance. Pretty soon it becomes, belly dance, feel anger. Which interestingly enough is how the film ends, SPOILER ALERT. Banner meditates (can't see him belly dancing as he is wearing a T-Shirt) and then gets the green eyes - at will. 

It might also expain why Brasilians ar such hot heads. Anger is just there, ready to go.

I was wondering who would make the 100th Rickson-in-Hulk thread. Congrats.

No shit! 11,000+ posts and hasn't learned a farkin thing!

Hey I did a little search and contributed to others after I put this up :) I mean I was pretty excited at the time. And you've got to admit my view point was hither to unrepresented on the UG :P


Yeah yeah.

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