rickson gracie vs kazushi sakuraba

is rickson gracie vs kazushi sakuraba going to happen? and if it does, when?

Fedor who`s that

a tennis player i think. Roger Feder or something like that.

Sakuraba does not deserve a fight with Rickson. He should first have to work his way up by beating some of Rickson's lesser skilled siblings or cousins.

Cmon K-1! fuking annouce the fight already!

Everyone knows that no one can beat a Gracie. Therefore, Rickson has already won and is waiting for his paycheck.


Rickson will Saku right after Helio rematches with Kimura, and Couture takes on Silva.

(Which in my opinion, Pride offering Couture a title shot at Silva would be a great way to get some new fans here in the states, as Couture's already said he'd do it.)

Saku would destroy Rickson if the fight ever happens. And if the fight never happens it will be be because Rickson didn't want to fight Saku.