Rickson on new Order of Man podcast

For those of you interested in such things





I don’t need life advice from a man who abandons his family to surf and fuck chicks when the going gets tough.


Hard to argue that point.

Didn’t know that. I didn’t listen but shared cause I subscribe to podcast and figured I’d share

lol. Don’t take it personally, bro. Your post is fine. I’m criticizing the subject.

Is Royce better behaved?

No, he’s a tax cheat

any speeders in the family?


Hard to argue that point as well.

Trying to hide seven figures is a big deal, dude. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars you’re trying to steal.

I guess criminal behavior from some Latin immigrants is ok on the ug if you’re the right kind.

Who cares? Doesn’t affect you one bit. In fact it changes nothing for anyone. With the way money is printed these days I’m not sure why anyone is required to pay taxes.

no. its that everyone does it and its really none of your business

It’s a huge deal and that’s a bullshit copout.

Well, the justice system made it their business and he paid it all and then some in the end, so it had a happy ending.

Lol why is it a huge deal? I really don’t care what anyone else makes or pays in taxes. It’s not a huge deal to me at all. I think it’s totally different than cheating an individual or business out of money. I pay a fortune in taxes and I just don’t have the personality that makes me think others should have to do something just because I do it. So I’m curious why you say it’s a huge deal?

Ok, well I and the federal and state governments do, regardless of other people getting away with cheating the system.