rickson & takata one

ok just watched joe rogan with rickson interview of anjo so i decided i wanted to watch rickson and takata 1 since i haven't seen it in a long time.

just looked like Rickson was in serious pain when takata knee rickson body before the 1st take down in rickson guard.

can somebody confirm, i know it wouldn't do any difference whether it's true or not since Rickson won but just imagining if that knee took rickson out, just wow at the japanese frenzy if that would have happen.

also in another VT fight, rickson almost like to yamamoto with that guillotine under the rope, man that was close call for rickson with those funky rules.

Rickson doesn't feel pain .
Takada is fortunate his knee did not disintegrate on impact. Phone Post 3.0

That was Rickson stealing Takada's aura. After that it was all Rickson. Phone Post 3.0

Wasnt this a fake fight? Phone Post 3.0

teamquestnorth - Wasnt this a fake fight? Phone Post 3.0
Go wash your mouth out with soap Phone Post 3.0

Takadas losses werent works Phone Post 3.0

I've thought that knee had a lot to do with why Rickson stopped fighting. It gave him a reality check and let him know that at any moment, he could lose. Phone Post 3.0

yea that takata fake with rickson isn't fake, but the way takata fought was cheezy as it just carefully clinched wrestling style.

rickson interview stated when VT Japan came out it made buzzing noise throughout the WWF type organization in japan and they thought they were fighting real fights until they met rickson (takata and anjo).

rickson didn't even make anjo sign a waiver for that close door fight, he just said f it, let's do it then behind closed door. what was anjo thinking, jesus!

The knee people say "dropped" Rickson was in Rickson/Takada 2, the main event of Pride 4. And that particular knee did not, in my opinion, land hard. Look at it slowed down and really carefully. I have done this, and think Rickson just tried to time it perfectly and intentionally fell back with the idea of pulling Takada down into the guard, using Takada's momentum from the knee attempt. I don't see any "impact reaction" by Rickson's body, RIGHT when the knee allegedly "lands." Now some of Takada's other knees that clearly landed may have hurt Rickson some, but obviously they weren't enough. I think the look on Rickson's face after they get back up may just be frustration resulting from his failure to keep Takada down after he pulled guard, that and his getting a little tired. Obviously I can't be 100% sure.

one thing rickson used in his fights was the gift wrap and I cant remember anybody else using it since.

only fighters Ive seen was Rob kahn used it

and aoki just used it as well