Rickson vs Royler Demo (vid)

Happy St Patrick's Day pt 2


i ve been looking for that vid ,thank you

That's on the Pride 5 DVD. Really awesome display of technique.


When I saw this first time it was 6 hrs into a Pride video marathon. I as about to doze off and this really woke me up.

LOL, I remember watching a japanese dubbed version. They showed
both profiles like it was a fight before they shot to the ring.
Royyyyyllaaaaa verzuz RRRRRRicksonnnn Graccccieee. For a minute
there, I thought it was a real fight.

very smooth display of jiu-jitsu!!

what do you mean allcloser?


I love to watch Rickson roll.

SmasherSnu = TROLL

It's a demo SmasherSnu, not a fight. What did you expect?




looks like royler still hasnt learned to escape a triangle

; )

Ouch! Eddie must have seen his weakness from this demo.

SO he gets caught once and Eddie is that good?

Not to discredit Mr. Bravo I think hes top 5 in sub grappling at that weight class, I would just like to see him vs Royler again

lol you guys are hilarious