Rickson's pay in the VTJ '94 &'95?

Does anyone here know how much Rickson Gracie got paid for winning the Shooto Vale Tudo Japan '94 & '95 tournaments? Did Rickson recieve appearance fees in addition to his winner's purse and if so does anybody know how much he got? Did he get paid for advancing in each round and does anybody know how much that was?

Rickson has fought that much and one of the primary reasons is that he asks for too much money, so I'm just wondering how much it took to get him to fight in those events. I'm thinking that his winner's purse for those two events was only like $50,000 but that seems to cheap for Rickson.

Didn't Rickson get like $1 million for each of his fights against Takada in PRIDE? I seem to recall hearing that figure for those fights.

Oh come on Gordon, you can tell us. What's the big deal? Those events were years ago. If Rickson took home fat paydays for winning those crappy tournaments than the more power to him.

gordon, can u confirm that rickson was paid 7 figures for vtj 94 & 95.

at the end of choke (jvt 95) he wins and is given that giant check for i think $60k. don't know what else he was paid.

Gordon didn't say that Rickson was paid 7 figures for Vale Tudo Japan '94 or '95, he said that he got paid 7 figures for his two PRIDE fights against Takada and for his Colosseum 2000 fight against Funaki.

I would imagine that Rickson must have recieved someting in addition to the $60,000 that he recieved for winning those tournaments. He probably got paid an appearance fee as well as pay for winning the earlier rounds. Hopefully Gordon will fill us in with more information.

Come on Gordon, could you at least give us a ballpark figure of what Rickson's total pay was for Vale Tudo Japan '94 & '95 (each event seperately)?

Any idea how much Takada and Funaki recieved for fighting Rickson?

It is crazy to think that a guy who never fought a real fighter made that much, but more power to him for the big $.

I stand corrected, Rickson beat one guy who was a high level fighter, you were right LuvMachine.

oh yeah, Marco punches me everyday, i aint scared of Funaki.

Ocbadapple, any news of Marco fighting again?

you mean its hard to argue AGAINST your past point

Marco will begin training to fight on the first of the year. I am considering quitting until this is over in the interest of my own health. I am very serious