Ridiculous MMAfighting article

http://www.mmafighting.com/2016/6/6/11865304/morning-report-michael-bisping-calls-luke-rockhold-f-got-tells-him-to?utm_campaign=jedkmeshew Phone Post 3.0

Rest of thread didn't go through I guess,

Written by Jed Meshew.. Purposely trying to make bisping look bad. Ridiculous. Phone Post 3.0

Adonis RNA -
Big_Data - What is faggot. Phone Post 3.0

It's where a guy likes another guy.

When another guy likes to stick his peepee in another guy's pooper for sex. Phone Post 3.0

Big_Data - What is faggot. Phone Post 3.0
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If you think simply reporting that he said it was wrong, then you probably realise that using the word is wrong, period.

What are you whining about? The article is nothing but accurate.