Riggs back to 170 after Swick?WTF!

I just read on a interview with Riggs on Insidefighting that he is wanting to move back to 170 after the Swick fight???
Why is he taking the fight in the first place?

Also Dean Lister is dropping to 185 after his fight with Sakara.

If either of these guy wins it just knocks down a couple of potential title contenders.

I don't understand UFC matchmaking sometimes....Kinda like the Horn vs Prangley? Prangley could of been apotential contender but Horn is never gonna fight Franklin.

He couldn't even make weight in his last title fight at 169. It is silly.

He couldnt make cut down to 170 when it really mattered for his fight against Hughes, what makes him think he can do it now?

He said that he has too many friends at 185 which is understandable but why is he taking a fight at 185?
It does nothing for him at 170 nor does it do anything for Swick at 185.

Entertaining fight tough

Yeah, you'd thinnk a former 300lber wouldn't mind giving away a size advantage every so often.


make that 2 names..Franklin&Terrell