Riggs' title shot, WTF?

Help me understand why he gets a shot...

Cause Matt needs an easy fight coming off of his 7 month layoff.

riggs is a beast at 170 and i don't think its gonna be that easy of a fight for hughes. who else should have gotten the shot?

Of course. It seems to me that they would have to find someone currently under UFC contract who would be willing to fight the world champ on short notice, while actually being credible enough to be there in the first place. And since few fighters are as confident (overconfident?) as Riggs would probably be under those circumstances, why not? Now has he actually earned a title shot in the UFC? No, of course not. But who else could theyhave gotten so fast? I think it will be an entertaining fight as long as Riggs stops diving face first into upkicks.

who is going to fight GSp now?

he is a last minute replacement, dipshit

that is why

"Late injury to Karo. End of story. Matchmaking probably isn't as easy as it may look from your perspective."

End of Thread.

" it will be an entertaining fight as long as Riggs stops diving face first into upkicks."

How do you dive into upkicks when you are on your back eating elbows? :-)

If Lytle had beaten Riggs and was the last minute replacement for this match people would be saying "Oh, cool" because Lytle has been on a tear lately beating everyone. However, Riggs won that fight so it's alot like Elvis getting a shot because he beat the number one contender Horn compiled, of course, with the facts that Karo is injured and it's a last minute replacement.

"he is a last minute replacement, dipshit" lol

there shouldn't be a last minute... when planning an event at the UFC level, you should always have a backup plan... Hughes vs Riggs = BS fight... 'nuff said...

It seems like the other guys who'd be interested either just fought or were training for big fights with different styles than Hughes.

And what the hell, it should be interesting to say the least.

"Matt is only a one dimensional fighter so there's not too much I have to worry about. It's a five round fight and I'm ready for it." Joe Riggs

because he stepped up and agreed to take the fight on 3 weeks notice..I have a feeling its going to be a much better fight than a lot of people are expecting

This is going to be a brutal fight, whoever first gains position will have a great chance.

Hughes by brutal g-n-p.