Riggs vs terell

is like Fedor vs. Minotauro?

Heavy hands vs bjj -boxer?

Discuss, fight, argue whatever the hell you guys like to do.

I am looking forward to this fight.

One performance in the big show each does not give us enough about these two, but right now I lean towards Riggs but only by a close guess.


Riggs by jaw implantation

awesome matchup. could definitely go either way. hopefully they'll fight for the title sometime soon.

Does Terrel have a chin like Mino? Mino's toughness is one of his biggest attributes - the Sapp and Fedor fights really showed this.

Lets compare these two.

Dave Terrell-1)one of the best bjj guys in the world
2)great wrestler.never been taken down in competition. 3)good hands.ask Lindland and Sasaki. Say what you want but lindland went night night and Sasaki's teeth literally fell out of his head.
4)has a Cro Cop style head kick
5)strength and conditioning.This kid is fucking strong,ask anyone who has ever fought or rolled with him.He is freaky strong,He will never ever gas out.

Joe Riggs-1)very very heavy hands,hits like a mule
2)decent takedowns at best.Doerkson took him down like a baby.
3)strenght,looks strong but wind is a big ?
4)more creative hair-do


I absolutely respect your insight regarding dave and joe. dave is a freakin stud who is getting better every time he fights. no question that he has all the potential in the world, but he "has a Cro Cop style head kick"? If this is true then he is absolutely the future champ.

I do think you underestimate Joe a little bit though. He has tremendous heart, a very good chin and freakish strength. I'm not sure about his wind, but so far it seems pretty good.

what an incredibile matchup it would be. i'd have to go with terrell but it will definitely be a war when it happens.

DL, what are you basing that on? seems the this is what aot of peeps said when he fought doerkson

Riggs is a C level figher trying to manny reyes his way into a league he doesnt belong in and his mama wears underwear with a dick hole in the front.

I actually thought this would be a great bout but now I'm convinced Terrel would finish it in seconds. The reason? These deep insights into the matchup:

"It's amazing how many fighters shit talk their way into top tier matches, Riggs is not in the same league as Terrel, not even close. "

"David Terrell would give Riggs the old licky licky and then fry Riggs' bannana"

There's no way anyone can pick Joe after this top notch analysis. I mean if Riggs really "talked shit" its clear he's unworthy and will get his banana fried, whatever the hell that means.

It all depends on who lands the best shot first.I would go with Riggs unless Dave lands a big blow like he did with Woogie.

Riggs on his back or gassing out late in the fight = win for Terrell.

"decent takedowns at best.Doerkson took him down like a baby"

People are fuckin stupid......Doerksen gets one takedown and for the rest of the fight he gets repeatedly taken down and can't even come close to finishing his own TD. I guess getting taken down once as compared to taking the other guy down 4-5 times means you got taken down like a baby. Fuckin idiot.

LMAO @ all the people hyping Riggs but knowing DAMN WELL they wont bet for him when they fight.

wreckker do you give the edge to riggs because you gusy are friends or because youve trained with both.

how bout terrell vs trigg!?

Trigg is 170, Terrell is a huge 185.

good comments, but based on what people have seen which in most cases is the Lindland KO and a Sasaki clip.

I have seen alot more than that and i can tell you I respect Riggs for his fearlessness but he will be achin badly of they fight.

Dave is not simply a "great bjj guys." there are tons of great bjj guys, florian, lister, avellans, etc etc etc etc. David is better (more suited) for mma than BJJ and he's as strong if not stronger than riggs. yes I said that and I am 1000% sure.

if riggs doesent stfu, he will lose something on that night.

Riggs hits very hard, maybe the hardest at 185 but dave is way more exploive, faster, meaner, more technical, talented, etc etc.

I hope both guys stay in MMA.

spiderman is correct

Dana White today on MMAWeekly Radio:

"- UFC 51 may feature David Terrell vs. Evan Tanner (if he gets by Lawler) for the MW title "

its not a knock on riggs, but terrel would get the takedown and finish within the first round. again, not a knock on riggs, but terrel is just that damn good.