Riki Fukuda is in the UFC !!!! nice...

Very exciting fighter at 185 lbs. Is on a 6-7 fight win streak. Nice addition to the UFC.





I'm a huge fan.

Thanks Rick. Personally I thought he got robbed against Joey V in EliteXC.

 looks like he has some real heavy hands!

but in all seriousness, I'm jealous of that Hikaru Sato ring entrance outfit.....and his fight trunks as well

Tom Lawlor -  

but in all seriousness, I'm jealous of that Hikaru Sato ring entrance outfit.....and his fight trunks as well<br type="_moz" />

Looks like the comp just got stiffer, Lawlor!

outstanding signing. Fukuda was wasting away in Deep.

Wow, that's cool. I loved his fight with Villasenor and thought he deserved the decision. I was always puzzled as to why he vanished from the big orgs after such a good performance.

guy is one of my best friends. I cornered him in his first fight against Dorkenson when dorkenson had over 30 fights.

I cornered him against smoking joe borrito and he could have gotten the nod in that one.

He will be back in the USA in DEc to train with me in Vegas and AKA

I thought the Joey fight was a robbery. I remember baroni cornering him for that fight. Exciting fight but but bad desc imo.

Fukuda is a BAMF. He's got a great wrestling pedigree, good hands, and a mean streak. I thought his fight against Smokin' Joe was great (I had him winning that one too), and I always wondered why we never saw him again after that.

Great addition to the UFC, but 185 is DEEP. It'll be interesting to see how he fares in deep waters.


PS: Hikaru Sato shows exactly how you enter the ring with a dress on! Unfortunately, his technique falters a bit once the dress is off.

BTW: Fukuda has a far-leg turk (just like the one Lesner used on Mir) making it impossible for Sato to roll out of danger.

I was thinking Strikerforce would get him

 Very excited, hopefully Riki doesn't get the jitters and goes into the UFC and fights the way he has his past couple. The man is a BEAST and could potentionally be a major star one day, imo.

Dude in the first vid had some solid Body shots.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - He has always had a lot of potential but he was never able to realize it at the highest level. Will be interesting to see what he can do in the UFC. Unlike a lot of fighters in Japan he comes from a strong wrestling background and has a more aggressive/physical style of fighting. He is Kid Yamamoto's wrestling buddy from college but he has been training with Grabaka for several years now since they have more guys that are his size. Not easy to find bigger guys of quality in Japan. Outside of Kid he was easily Enson's best fighting prospect back when they were both fighting out of Purebred.

correct and i know him from that time

This is good news for riki and the ufc Phone Post

well deserved, this guy is extremely tough

im still waiting to see a copy of his last fight against Ryuta Sakurai at DEEP 49

it looks like this fight was crazy, Fukuda retained his title, ending the fight by KOing Sakurai with a knee and sending him flying out of the ring

Photos by:  Daniel Herbertson for FanHouse.com

great signing