Ring Of Fury DVD

The new DVD is out. Ring Of Fury 2&3 is on one DVD.

Awesome DVD!!! Get it at fightworld.com

Every fight on ROF 3 end in KO or SUB.... including my 5 second Ko over Angela Wilson!!! Get it!


OH.... Keith Wisniewski is on both sides of the DVD also. Just so you know.

Check it out

I'll ttt this one

Tom Hafers is one of the best promoters I've ever had the pleasure of competing for. The production was great and both events had very exciting bouts.

The aforementioned Shelby Walker KO of Angela Wilson is worth the cost alone, I know it was pretty amazing to see live.

I don't like the cover.

The cover.... the cover has Jason McDonald on it, he's a stud.

Ok.. now go order the dvd :)



LOL at Mike. I wouldn't like that cover either.

Thats Jeremy Bennett...and I'm breaking his hand with my elbow defense!


That's not Jason McDonald??? My bad.


It was a good fight Mike, but I guess it's not the most flattering picture. It seemed like kind of a strange ref stoppage to me with him going fo9r the armbar.

A fight that didn't get a lot of attention but was very exciting, was the fight between Jim de Souza (Very exciting Team Elite fighter) and Jason Rigsby.

For those who haven't seen Ring of Fury #1 it is also very good. It features Jorge Rivera, Keith Rockel, Nuri Shakir, Mike Brown, Bobby Andrews, Anthony Hamlet, and many others. I believe it's on sale at fightworld.com as a two disk set along with an older Hook-n-Shoot.

Actually, when he was going for the arm bar I rolled up into his guard but it was right after taking a big right hand when he was side mount on me. I didn't remember any of that until I saw the tape. I was basically out "on my feet" but my body was still trying to escape. I can't complain about the stoppage. he was handeling me pretty good. I would give Jeremy a better fight today though :)

That fight with Jorge and Travis is one of my all time favorites.


Seriously, great DVD.


have to ttt this again.



Hey Shelby, do me a favor and give me a ring I lost your number. ~Steve