Ring to Cage Gear?

Has anyone used Ring to Cage Gear? http://www.ringtocage.com

Just wanting to know if they have good products or not.


 34 Ring to Cage items in The Underground Store...

One of the guys i train with has their headgear and likes it... i prefer my rival d3o headgear though Phone Post

looked at their stuff at their booth at IKF worlds last weekend and it looked well made and high quality. I have not sparred or trained with their gear though Phone Post

The majority of MMA gear is made in the same places in Pakistan.

For a long time Ring 2 Cage was just putting their label on the same stuff being sold under different names.

In the recent 6 months +, they have been coming out with some unique items that are among some of the best out there.

I've spent over $700 on various gear they make, and I am very impressed with it.

I prefer their new IMF 16oz sparring gloves to my Reyes, Winning, Boon and Fairtex gloves.

Thanks for the feedback!

 I have taken apart equioment from dozens of Pakistani manufacturers. This is the best I ever found.

They have now gone to the next level, and developed an in house brand, a first as far as I know.

All in all, this is a tremendous company.

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Got a pair of their oval thai pads and they were horrible quality-probably 90% vinyl, although I did like the feel of them. didn't even realize the face of them was vinyl till I held them for an amateur fighter. They lasted about 20 minutes and the facing came off.

They did exchange them for a leather pair but the fastening system is ridiculous. There is a little gel pad that is supposed to go under your wrist but it moves around and makes the strap fold under your wrist. Very uncomfortable.

I really wanted to like these pads but they are among the worst I have used. Stick to Windy, Fairtex, Twins or Revgear for a cheaper option.

btw these were the green and black type of pads distributed by Boes out of Canada.