Ring worm?

..I think I have the nasty little fungi. I got some Lamasil to get rid of it, but that is going to take two weeks. Should I keep going to class or stop rolling until it is gone?


You should put bleach on it. This wrestler told me about putting bleach on that shit. I tried it and it was gone in like 2 or 3 days. Put bleach on a rag and just hold it on the ringworm for like 2 minutes. Its gonna burn like hell but it will burn right off. You may hve to repeat the process a couple of times to really get all that shit cleaned.

Your input is most appreciated, Baret. Thanks.

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My brother bleached his ringworm and left the bleach rag on for too long. He got burned pretty bad and still has the scars on his arm.

Just don't give to your girlfriend. I've been down that road. They don't take kindly to that.

We have a dermatologist who trains w/ us and 3 years ago, he recommended that I use Head & Shoulders shampoo as a body wash after training. I haven't had any JJ-related skin disorders since then.

I was wondering the same thing.

I would wait until its completely gone

I get that shit about once a year and it's always due to wrestling shoe's on the mat. What I do when I get it is bleach first then anti fungal cream once or twice a day and it's usually gone in a week. When you get it if your gonna train only train with the gi cover it with clothes under your gi (it's best just to not train at all)

Wash with tea tree oil based soap and shampoo after class regardless of infection status to stay worm free.

I just actually got back from the doc a few hours ago. I went there for other reasons but I showed the ringworm I have on my chest. He prescribed some cream not too sure what its called right now I couldnt read his handwriting but Im gettin it later. I mentioned the bleaching thing to him and he said its not a good idea supposedly he said that could spread it???? I dunno he would know more than me.

I did not know about the the Head & Shoulders shower thing. From now on that's what I'm going to do, thanks.

I use to get ring worm about twice a year but I have a routine that has prevented it. First of all you need to shower right after you roll, if you are lucky enough to have a shower where you train. If you wait until you get home the fungus can "set in". When you shower you have to use an antibacterial soap. And you have to make sure you work up a good lather. Next time you shower use antibacterial soap and a washcloth. The Head and Shoulders thing works. Wash your hair with it and use the lather to wash your body. I have not had ring worm in years.

bleach your friggin mats! if you are lucky enough to train someplace with Swain mats you can bleach them. make sure it isnt a strong solution though-- you dont wanna inhale that shit.

dont let fools wear their wreslting shoes outside the dojo-- thats some seriously dirty shit there.

make sure people wash their damn gi's/kimono's/gear. most ringworm is from days-ole funk that people didnt wash properly.

Extensive information on Ringworm here:


Also consider KS skin protectant (check out ebay under kenshield)