Ringworm and Bleach???

I dont have the worm, but kids on my wrestling team are telling me that bleach kills the worm faster then any anti-fungal meds.

is this true? or just a myth?

It may very well kill the ringworms, but it will also give you a painful chemical burn on your skin. Putting bleach directly on a wound is not recommended.

yea, james is right..

i mean, you could take sandpaper to the worm, then pour bleach over it
and that would REALLY do the job... but it would leave you with a circulr
scar for life in which people would think your abusive, bastard of a father
put out cigars on your skin.

there are these amazing people called DOCTORS.. they can/will/should
give a script for medications that will kill worm. usually it is a 14 to 21
day dose-- if it is really bad they will go to 28 days.

you should BLEACH the damn mats, really clean that friggin wrestling
room out, take a friggin shower and wash your damn workout clothes
every night though.

If you just have it in one place, scrub the hell out of it with soap, then apply lamisil cream, which you can buy OTC. It says it's for athletes foot, but the fungus is the same.

but some bleach on a q-tip, dilute it with some water, then put it over the ringworm. after two days its gone, and no chemical burns. if you like having ring worm for two weeks then use the cream (and sometimes it comes back).

bleach it; it works..

people who say bleach is bad are pansies and have never gotten the ringworm.

The best is dab q-tip in bleach and apply to r-worm. Leave sit for 5minutes then rinse and repeat.

Then - the most important... Follow up with at least 2weeks of Lamisil X3/day

Ringworm is NOT a worm it is a fungus.

Ringworm is actually a type of athlete's foot. Actually athlete's foot is a type of ringworm.

The best way to deal with it is with over the counter products design specifically for it like Lamasil. If you need a strong dose then check with your doctor.

lamisal + bleach + over the counter meds = dead worm????

i myself have once used the gregor/pure bleach on q-tip approach cuz i didn't really want to deal with it for a couple of weeks. i rubbed it on the worm for a good 5 minutes straight. it left a small scar but my skin is dark so it's barely noticable. the pain was minimal.

Bleach does not actually kill fungus on the mat or on the skin. On the skin it "covers" it up, it's like burning it, but it still exists beneath. If your school only uses bleach on the mat, you will see that everyone keeps getting it.

I don't see how bleach couldn't kill it. Bleach kills everything. That's why they use it for sterilizing things. Now maybe if the solution you are using isn't concentrated enough, it won't kill all the fungus, but there aren't many organisms on earth that can survive in concentrated bleach for more than a few seconds. As long as the fungus is in the top layer of dead skin, and not further down, bleach should do a number on it. Just be careful not to leave it for too long, as it can give you a nasty chemical burn.

I had RW on my arm. Two weeks of cream an it was gone. My advice, wash every cut or nick you get thoroughly and emphasise the hygiene aspect to your gym/coach/teammates etc.

If you think bleach kill fungus, ask someone who power washes wood houses. If it hasn't been painted they will always use a bleach solution to bring the wood back, but if it has developed fungus they also have to add a special anti-fungal because the bleach will not stop its growth. BLEACH IS NOT AN ANTI FUNGAL. It may kill everything else, but fungus is very unique.

we clean mats every day.

get the industrial mat cleaner from Zebra or some other company that is MADE FOR MATS. bleach is not the best for mats...

Defense Oil works just as fast bleach and is nature's strongest anti-fungal but it will not give you a chemical burn. It may however leave a light spot on your skin for a couple of weeks. The reason over the counter meds take so long is because the are watered down to prevent scaring or further skin irratation.

Scrubbing a ringworm with soap before applying meds is pointless unless it is an anti-fugal soap. Using an over the counter antibacterial soap acutally promotes the growth of fungi.

I can email anyone an article on your skin's flora and how most over the counter soaps have adverse effects for fighters and wrestlers, actually promoting ringworm.

Contact me at defensesoap@msn.com if you would like the article.

Guy Sako