Ringworm remedy again

I got ringworm from some girls couch, I think. All those years of
wrestling and BJJ never had it, now this. I know it was posted already,
but I can't remember what the consensus was.


lamisil AT

I have heard:

dabbing it with a q-tip soaked in bleach.

Burning a crumpled piece of paper, after blowing away the ashes putting the burnt sulfur (yellow paste) on it.

Applying vinegar

Anyone tried any of these methods

i take a bath with some bleach in it. Seems to help.

Get some Lamisal AT and a new girlfriend.

or some clorox spray if you're attached to the girl :P

Lamisil, works good, but seriously, this might sound stupid, but Vagisil works great. Its just a stronger version of the active ingredient in Lamisil. Bleach gets rid of it but can scar.

look in the pharmacy near the athletes foot creams for Tolnaftate. It's a cream and comes in a small tube. It clears it up in a couple days.

MAN! I read that too fast and though you caught it from some girl's CROTCH. phew. had to doubletake that one...