looked for an old ringworm thread on the saved lists, but couldnt find any...so I got it and what do I buy to kill it?


I use clortrimazole 1% cream. Usually works better than the sprays.


Its no longer called Ringworm we've changed the name to Circle Rash. It sounds a lot better explaining it to your girlfriend after she gets it from you.

bleach kills it the quickest, but may leave a scar

Lamasil, Tinactin, the creams are good. Plus you might want to consider wearing sandals or other shoes that keep your feet dry as much as possible.

LOL Dago13. Let's make that official. "Circle Rash". Perfect!

btw grapplearts.com has a good archive of info on, um, circle rash, and links to sites with more detailed info. Check it out.

lmao at "circle rash"

I have used both the tea tree oil and the lamisil. The tea tree oil stinks and it can be messy. For ease of use and smell go with lamisil.

I hate Ringworm...i bleeched mine, left a scar.

Lamisil works best, plus you only use it once a day for a week vs. twice a day for two weeks...

Monostat 1. It's for Yeast infections and crap but works like a cracked up ninja on rin....er.. circle rash. Even comes in a tampon like applicator. About 5 days, uncovered.


I tried lamisil and it didn't work to well, read AT ALL. i got some stuff from my doc, but that also was taking too long (after two weeks of the prescription junk I'd had enough), I needed it gone quick so I could compete, so I used bleach, it left me with a small scar on my arm, but that's faded to nothing now.

lamasil is definitely the best, take it from me dude. i have had it 5000000000000000000 times. ring worm is definitely a bitch. shower a lot (anti bacterial soap) and keep treating it, don't fuck with lotrimin or tinactin.

circle rash. awesome!

"have had it 5000000000000000000 times."

Ahhh do they not clean the mats where you train?
Or do they just let guys with ringworm keep rolling?

This may sound funny, But ask your doctor for Oral Diflucan, it is for yeast infections, if you can put up with the pink pill and pink card it comes on. My husband gets ringworm alot and this really works, it kills the infection from the inside out.

The active ingredient in those OTC ringworm medications is watered down compared to the concentration in yeast infection treatments. It worked for me and really fast too. If I ever get it again, I'll try the Tea Tree Oil tho.

There was a forum member here named "Ringworm." He's the one who had me try Monistat.

Goodluck. Clean the mats.

Bleach? Please don't do that... I've never tried tea tree oil, but lamisil is great.