I've had ringworm for two weeks now. When I first got it I was putting lamisil on it for a week then it didn't go away but it got smaller so I went to the doctor and he gave me nizoral and after 5 days it got a little smaller too but it still didn't go away. So I went to another doctor who pescribed diflucan. I've been taking it for two days but I haven't seen any significant improvement. Anybody know why it won't go away? or maybe I got ringworm from my dog


diagnosis sounds wrong if all the proper meds do not work

I've had some damn persistant ringworms... aside from what Howard said (which is a good call, may wanna have it looked at again) just keep at it I guess.

the skin protectant really works. i used to get ringworm all the time, and when i started using it, i never got ringworm again. u should definitely try this stuff


I had it in August for about a month. I went to the Doc after about a week and it still took about 3 weeks with the prescription to go away! They are a pain in the ass to get rid of!