RioFightwear Praise

Yesterday, I received a letter from my bank to tell me my Visa chargeback from MMAGear had been completed. The only problem is, that they took it from the wrong people. By mistake, they charged back the successful delivery from Riofightwear.

I wanted, by way of apology to post this for the guys at Riofightwear. I will get the chargeback sorted ASAP on monday.

Until then, I wanted to thank the guys for their fast, free shipping to the other side of the planet and the great pre-sales service. I'd also like to note that they provided me fantastic options when they had some inventory troubles.

I am very satisfied with my purchase from these guys and hope to do much more business with them in the future.

Same cannot be said for MMAGear, though.


How do you find BIG sizes outta brazil? I remember Liam bought me back a XXL Minotauro vitamens and minerals singlet. It's a snug fit on Matt TE PAA :D


The only clothes I can get from Brazil are gis. XXL is too small fro me here and the Brazilian sizes are smaller.

I guess that's why Giant Silva isn't a fashion icon.

yeah just wonderred.

can you fire me an email pls mate. wonderring who is go from your camp for May 13.