RIP Chris Moore SE GA

This feels kind of weird, but I just can't help but do it. My friend and the BJJ coach at my school, Chris Moore, has passed away. He was married and only 26 years old. I'm in shock.

It happened this morning. He went in for "routine" surgery to fix a nasal passage, but went into cardiac arrest upon receiving anestesia. It's a sad day.

I just spoke with him last night after I finished up teaching kickboxing, and he did a long roll with one of our guys named Kenneth. He knew he'd be out for several weeks and wanted to get a good roll in. It really is a huge loss.

He trained under Scott Devine out of FLETC in Brunswick GA, who's a BJJ black belt under Relson. He was unbelievably passionate about BJJ to the point where it made me feel guilty for not training harder. He will be missed. Please pray for his parents, wife, and extended family.

(There is now a pic of Chris with Relson Gracie on page 2.)

wow, that is horrible..

Im not a religious guy but my thoughts are with his family.


That is HORRIBLE!!!!

My condolences....


 OMG, how tragic. RIP

 what a terrible loss. RIP and condolences to his friends and family.

God Bless. R.I.P.

Hope his family is coping well.



Wow, that's awful. Condolences to his friends and family.

wow that is awful, my best wishes and thoughts out to his family and loved ones.

On behalf of Relson Gracie team in Hawaii, sincere condolences.

 Conolences to you and his family, very sad to hear



Sad story. RIP.


 wow, so young.  RIP


My thoughts will be with his wife & family.

Wow, can life be unfair. What a sad and tragic event. RIP.

Sorry to hear this. RIP