RIP Florida Jack

Went into boxing yesterday and heard that Florida Jack passed away recently.

I didn't spend too long training at his club, but man oh man, was that guy ever a character. Always lots of interesting tall tales, and anecdotes my friends and I still laugh about 4 years later.

So I guess the club, and the Hall of Fame, at Yonge and Bloor are shutting down, so it's the end of a little piece of Toronto boxing history.

There's gotta be some people on here who trained at Jack's at some point, and if you did you'll know that it was a unique gym. As archaic as it was in many ways, it'll be sad to see it go. I got KOed for the first time ever there. Good times.

So rest in peace, Jack. From your pals Jon and "Quincy".


RIP Florida Jack.

Gee, not too long ago he was sitting in the row in
front of Frank Bullard and I at Benny D'Amico's

Florida Jack personally gave me free tickets to the debut screening of The New Waterford Girl.

A very funny Canadian flick with boxing as part of it's story.

RIP old man.