RIP: Ramon "The Diamond" Dekkers Tribute

Ramon Dekkers tribute: a true legend of Muay Thai and pioneer for farang fighting in Thailand.

Get a taxi in Bangkok and try to talk Muay Thai - if you say you're from Europe, chances are they'll mention Ramon Dekkers. Him, Rob Kaman, and to a lesser extent Liam Harrison and Damien Alamos are the farang they'll know.

But Dekkers was head and shoulders above with regards to coming over here and absolutely smashing some of the top Thais around.

Christ, not one response. This is Ramon fucking Dekkers, a Tank Abbott RIP thread would be 30 pages

Dekkers is one of the greatest fighters to ever lace up gloves

bump for Dekkers vs. Coban II

Will check this later thanks

Cool. Thanks for this one Fletch.

Really appreciate it eh.

Thanks very much OP. Great tribute and great website.

RIP to a true legend of Muay Thai.

Very bummed about Ramon. One of my icons. I'm a muay thai guy, love mma immensely, but muay thai is my sport. Phone Post

Ramon was an all time great. The reason I got into Muay Thai.

his leg kicks were brutal

heres a bunch of fights

Uncle Creepy's Creepy Nephew - Thanks very much OP. Great tribute and great website.

RIP to a true legend of Muay Thai.

thanks mate. Spread the word, help the Samurai Life baby grow.

As for Dekkers, man there's no one in MMA history quite like him. Fedor / Anderson level-talent, but went through such a tougher schedule with so, so many more wars. Fought injured so many times. Fought with such tenacity. Christ, he was special, everyone in MT is gutted about his death

He's like Wanderlei Silva but with Fedor/Anderson talent and more fights. Absolute savage.