Rising Star - Nardu Debrah

If you are not already familiar with Nardu Debrah, you should be. Debrah is fighting in this Saturday night's Combat Zone 5 and though he is a new comer to the Massachusetts fight scene, Nardu brings an impressive 4-1 record to the ring as well as over ten years experience in the martial arts.

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I saw his only loss and it was not very impressive. Elvis Garcia from TSK destroyed him. The worst beating I have ever seen in MMA.

wasnt that bad of a beating but at the same time it wasnt close

everyone gets beat. MMA is such a volatile sport, that on any given day, anyone can lose.

I think you guys missed the point, which was just to give a little background and some exposure to an up and coming fighter. That way when people see him in the ring on Saturday they will have a better idea of who he is and what to expect.

This is my first piece published for MassMMA, so any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Chris Palmquist
Staff Writer - MassMMA


I saw that title fight also, and marpal, if that's the WORST beating you've ever seen in mma, you really should get out more:) Almost ever fighter you can name (and I include UFC and Pride fighters) have been caught and taken a beating or been caught and started tapping like a drummer at one time or another. The point is, Nardu Debrah is a exciting, and talented MMA who shows the potential of going very far in the sport. So, if you want to see a guy about whom you might be able to say some day, "I saw him fighting way back when..." Nardu Debrah is one of those fighters. That's all.

gollum has caught the correct. Seeing as it seems that you know Nardu, what did you think of the article?

elvis may have won that bout against nardu, but nardu clearly broke elvis' spirit - garcia hasn't fought since.

Nardu is my good friend and one of my training partners and all i could say is DONT SLEEP Nardu is awesome in all aspects of the game and he is definitly going to be one of the best 155lbs fighters in the world in the next couple of years. And that was a great interview Chris is good for the people in Mass to get to know some of the good fighters from New York.

Andrew Calandrelli - Team Renzo Gracie

Nardu is one tough guy. I have trained with him before, he is very good on the ground.

sioux has caught the correct.

Here's a shot of Nardu hammering down on Themi:-jk

Hey I was not trying to be disrespectful to Nardu but that was a real poor night. As for Elvis, he broke his hand that night and it has not heeled properly. He may need to go for surgery.


Great choice to write about Nardu.  I'm pretty "in the loop" in terms of local fighters, but I never knew all of this about Nardu.  Keep the great ideas coming.


by the way, chris - nice interview.

thanks jim. I appreciate it coming from another writer. This was my first attempt at writing any kind of MMA-related article.

TTT for Nardu and his bone-shattering noggin

ttt for tonight

ttt. Combat Zone 5 is only 5 hours away.