Risky move by Affliction

With Sylvia, Lindland and Rothwell all on the main card.

 19 of Sylvia's 26 wins have come by way of either TKO, KO or submission

14 of Lindland's 20 wins have come by stoppage of some sort, including five of his last 6 fights dating back to 2005

31 of Rothwell's 33 wins have been finishes.

Is it easier to just disparage fighters as "boring" with no basis than to actually watch their fights or at least keep up to date with the results?

If anyone is bored watching any professional fight, be my guest to switch to golf or something else. If you are paying attention and know what to watch for, it should never be boring. 

Maybe he is just worried a Klan rally will break out. No big deal.

 Yeah, there are really good fights on the undercard. My first post wasn't really in response to the original poster as that post could have meant a whole lot of things. I just got stirred up thinking about people saying Sylvia and Lindland are boring all the time, which is not something that was said on this thread