Robbie Lawler = UFC's worst loss ever.

I disagree that Nick Diaz was Was UFC's biggest loss ever. He was a big loss, but not the biggest.

I'm sure Dana is regretting letting the Ruthless one go. Robbie/Franklin for #2 @ MW would be great. Not to mention there is Marquardt, Cote, Almeida, Leben, Bisping, Sakara, Quarry, Hendo and so many others in the big show for him to take on.

Overrated? Are you serious? He's not the fighter he was when he got cut from UFC. He trains and fights like a champion now. You will see after he completely obliterates Scott Smith.

Randy Couture

"Worst loss is Arlovski IMO."

I do have to agree with that. Lawler gets knocked down to #2.

"LMFAO @ Lawler and Arlovski"



hes definitely beaten some talent outside the ufc hopefully he wins big on cbs and he will be huge.

 If Tito leaves he is the biggest by far, otherwise its Arlovski.

 Barnett is the biggest loss by a mile

Diaz toyed with lawler and made him look like the c-level brawler he is...then Spratt destroyed Lawler with leg kicks until Robbie QUIT.....Lawler is good but definitely overrated on here...he is improving now but i still dont think he belongs in same category as Silva, hendo...

id love to see Franklin vs Lawler...

 I would like to see robbie back in the UFC but Barnett, Bustamante and Couture are bigger losses