Robbie Lawler vs S Nick Diaz 2 ?!!

Now that they're both in Strikeforce and doing well...185lbs ?

86 the "S"

Well its been eleven years but maybe SKARHEAD still wants to see the rematch, even if its in the UFC.

Rematches usually happen quick in the UFC, not Conor Diaz/Poirier quick but quick.

A rematch happening after seventeen years has to be a record for longest time between the fights in MMA rematch history.

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Nick would have to show up

I’m guessing Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock holds the record for longest gap for a rematch because of their 3rd fight.

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Forgot that one but Diaz Lawler could still hold the record for pairs of fights even if Royce Ken holds it for trilogies.

Rather see him fight someone else.