Robert Drysdale's MMA Debut Tomorrow!

 If you are in the Vegas area, be sure to come to the Orleans Casino tomorrow (Friday October 17th) and check out The Future Stars of Mixed Martial Arts.

Grappling phenom Robert Drysdale will be making his mixed martial arts debut against Josh Musick (8-0). This will be an interesting fight. There is no question that Drysdale is one of the top jiu-jitsu guys in the world right now. I am anxious to see if he keeps his composure when striking is put in to the equation.

There will also be the first round of 3 4-man tournaments and 1 4-female tournament. The winners will face eachother at our November event.

Tickets are still available HERE


Good luck Robert!


TUFFNUFF events have been off the hook so far!

Friday should be the best event yet!


 Thanks PAGrappler412!

I agree, this will be the best yet and we still have big things coming!


 For the people who aren't able to attend I will post the details of this fight late tomorrow night.

Definitely keep us posted. I've watch Musick fight some in Kentucky. Drysdale has more tools to win by IMO, but it'll be interesting to see how he responds to being hit.

Hopefully it's the start of a good career in MMA.  I want to hear Rogan overemphasize the word "world" in "world class ground game" when he calls one of his fights.

I'm excited for him.




This will be tonight.

I'm assuming that this won't be streamed anywhere. TUFF-N-UFF, it is your duty to find someone with a video camera who doesn't have Parkinson's disease to tape this.

where are the weigh in pics?



 I haven't been given the weigh in pics. I'm sorry.

I will see what I can do about getting a video of the fight up as soon as I can.

The countdown has begun