Robert Maves?

Anybody here ever train with a guy named Robert Maves?

A guy from work signed up for BJJ at Clark College and Robert Maves is the instructor.

I looked him up and this is what I found:

5th Dan in Taekwondo, W.T.F. Certified

Associate Instructor in Kali / Jeet Kune Do

6th Dan in Arnis - Daga, certified by Mr. John Daniels, C.M.A.I.

5th Dan Black Belt in Arnis de Mano certified by the Philippine Arnis Hinigaran Association founder and director G.M. Roberto Presas

3rd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido certified by NWHC / Trident Martial Systems

4th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing certified by Combative Martial Arts International

2nd Dan Black Belt in Doce Pares, Eskrima-Eskrido, certified by G.M. Cacoy Canete.

Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu certified by Professor Fabio Santos

Co-Founder and Chief Instructor of Trident Martial Systems and Nagare Ryu

Core / Strength Training Specialist

That is a shit load of BBs.

and one blue belt!

I guess he's a purple now...