Robert Whittaker vs. Paulo Costa + more announced

Dana just announced Whittaker vs Costa at 298

Brian Ortega vs Yair Rodriguez is on there too that’s fire, never seen these guys having a rematch but why not? It was a good fight

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At least 2 of the 3 UFC 300 bouts will fall out, I predict. When you book a bunch of injury prone guys ridiculously long in advance, that’s usually what happens.



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They are on a separate card not 300

February 24th Mexico City fight card

I like it.

I didn’t mean these guys was on UFC 300. I’m at these guys had a rematch coming up. It’s before UFC 300 in February


Should be a good fight.

We were robbed of seeing it last time

Costa showing up to a fight? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

All of these fights booked at middleweight leaves Chimaev without anyone at all unless they something bigger planned or he’s injured


He says he’s having surgery on his hand now…I’d say perhaps they’re looking to surprise people and book Chimaev vs Adesanya for 300, but I know Chimaev won’t likely fight until the annual Abu Dhabi catd in October, otherwise they could’ve just re-booked Chimaev vs Costa

I’d shit if they did, surely the UFC wouldn’t do Izzy that way tho. Chimaev would maul him

Of course not

Will Paulo show up fight night?

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Sterling on 300?

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Is this our big holy shit moment Dana was talking about??

I hope not lol

Wait - aljo “defended” the bw belt 3 times, loses ONCE and changes weight classes?

Is there more to the story?