Rockel Interview posted - MASSMMA

Part one of a two part interview with Massachusetts based UFC fighter Keith Rockel has been posted to MASS MMA.

In this interview Keith addresses the comments Denis Kang made in last week's Max Fighting article as well as steroids in the sport.  Keith also gives some insight into his expectations for future UFC matchups.   Click below to read this interview.

In Part two of this interview Keith and Team Elite Co-Coach Pat Barbieri discuss:

- the rumors surrounding Mike Brown's entrance into the Octagon
- the problems that Massachusetts mixed martial arts faces
- professionalism in the sport

and they throw down a gauntlet for other MMA schools in the area.

Part two will be released Monday 15, 2004


TTT for the Rock!


seems very humble in this interview - refreshing to see these days.

Class act

Great interview and great website. Keith is an extremely tough and humble fighter. Hope to see him fight in the UFC again soon.


Keith showed me what it takes to train for this sport and I am forever thankful of him. There is no better person in the sport....Joe


ttt for Keith!


Great to see so many people this interested in a Massachusetts Native!

Just wait for part II of the interview.



Part 2 has been posted:


ttt - in case anybody missed it last night.

Great interview by Keith and Pat!