Rockhold comment on his loss..?

We've heard from Askren and he's taking his loss as well as he can be but Luke has been quiet from what I know..has he done any interviews yet since he was Koed? It must be crushing his ego after being so confident and cocky about wanting Jones yet he couldn't make it past Jan ????

With his bizarre performance perhaps he had staph or an injury? It will be interesting to see how Luke handles this setback…I do not see him retiring

he can't talk because his mouth got knocked into his asshole

What can he say because he disrespected his opponent again, and got knocked out yet again

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What Askren did has never been done before. World First. One day an older, wiser, retired Jorge Masvidal will be raising his family at his homestead, maybe playing catch with a baseball and they'll ask him about this record setting fight and Jorge will reflect "You know one thing about that Ben Askren is how he handled defeat. We all could learn a thing or two from that."

Ben Askren looks back at KO loss vs. Jorge Masvidal | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show - YouTube

CRE - What Askren did has never been done before.

being dead 2 seconds into the fight?


His jaw is broken, so if he does comment, it'll be in writing.