Rocky MTN Bad Boyz Wicked Intent..

"Wicked Intentions"
By Razor Bump

DENVER - WICKED INTENTIONS! This event will take place at the Paladium night club, which of course is right next door to its famous Gentle Men's Club, the Oasis. Once this fabulous card ends guess where the after party will be? The card itself is packed with some of the best amateur fighters that Colorado has to offer, so if you are scouting you'd better get down here fast. Fighters from Arizona will be coming down to give it their all against Sheldon Marr's Grapplers Edge team, Nate Marquardt's High Altitude team, Chuck Daly's Kongo Do gym, Keith Moffet, and of course The Freedom Fighters! There's even an invasion from Kansas City so tempers will be flying high. 13 action packed bouts presented by Keith Smeltzer and Vic Brabo. Get your tickets early!