Rodney King in So Cal

This will be the LAST opportunity for you to train with RODNEY in CA this year! Date- Wed./Thurs. June 7th/8th Time- 7pm-10pm Location- Centerline Gym- Bellflower Cost- $50 1day $75 both days Pre-registration is necessary as these seminars sell out.
To pre-register visit If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us at 562-208-1771.
Rodney's Crazy Monkey (CM) Defense system has revolutionized the way stand-up is both coached and applied. In this seminar Rodney will be introducing all the participants to his latest updates on the CM Defense System as well as an overview for those who have not had the opportunity to train in it. More importantly Rodney will be introducing a host of new cutting edge material to improve your performance in your stand-up game. With the current successes of stand-up fighters in mixed martial arts competition, taking your stand-up to the next level is of paramount importance. Rodney "Chico" King's C.I.A (Combat Intelligent Athlete) Seminar will cover:
1. Crazy Monkey Defense System ­ An overview of the CM defense system as well as all the relevant updates that have occurred over the last year. Added to this Rodney will point out the most common mistakes people are making when using CM and how to fix them as well as breaking out of CM and alternative defenses you can use.
2. Somatic Balance ­ After years of coaching experience, Rodney has found that most people are able to acquire relative "physical" technical skill in their stand-up within a short time. Yet even though they are able to execute the technique many struggle to maximize their performance, suffering from timing mistakes, and techniques that lack power and precision. The number one reason for this is a lack of balance. Most people think that due to this that there must be a whole in their game. To plug this whole they end up asking the wrong questions. A perfect example of this is questions relating to footwork training and which often abound the Internet. The secret to better performance lies in "balance" harnessed to footwork and the other elements of your game. Just practicing footwork will not enhance your game, understanding the "feeling" which is your body¹s thinking system and how to invoke it at will is the key. Rodney will coach you how to harness the power of your bodies thinking system and how to take your sparring to the next level.
3.Spatial Awareness ­ Knowing your relationship in space to your opponent is an essential key to optimal performance in sparring. Many people struggle with this and tend to use techniques, in the wrong range. Knowing where you are in relationship to your opponent allows you better timing and awareness. Rodney will take you through a series of drills that will enhance your timing ability coupled with a keen sense of awareness. Any good stand-up fighter knows, timing is everything!
4.Engaging Power ­ Developing power is in your mind (As is speed). Most people put considerably amount of time into physical training. They work on the old adage, "What you put in (meaning physically, blood, sweat and tears) is what you get out". This is only half true. In fact what it should read is, "What you put in your head is what you get out". Rodney will take you through series of mind gym drills that will not only enhance your power and speed but make you feel more confident to pull it of every time.
5. Optimal Zone Training ­ In this section Rodney will give you the drills that will allow you to spar anyone and learn. He has used this in his own gym to great success. This concept radically changes the need to have separate levels of classes between amateurs and professional athletes. These drills will also introduce you to the "Gentle Art" of stand-up. Anyone who coaches stand-up this way will ensure that every athlete wants to spar, and enjoys the time doing it. Added to this Rodney will cover what you should and should not be doing in your sparring and strategies to deal with different opponents as well as how to harness the power of your mental game.
6. 4 Point Clinch Dirty Boxing System ­ Striking out of the clinch is an important part of the stand-up game. Rodney will introduce you to his 4 point clinch boxing system and how to control your opponent while delivering powerful punches, knees and elbows.
7. A whole lot more ­ As usual Rodney will infuse many more aspects during the seminar that will help you improve your stand-up game. The essence of this seminar is to take your game to the next level. Rodney will also be available for a limited amount of privates during his stay in the USA.

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