Rodney- Sparring 101 ? Re: Hooks

Rodney- I just saw your 101 tape, and once again it is amazing.

I noticed (I was only able to watch it really quickly) that you didnt really speak about throwing hooks off the CM structure in this video. Any reason why? Do you not suggest it for a beginner? If you do, at what opportunity should I think about throwing it?

Additionally, when delivering it, I assume you throw it from the top of you head just like the jab and cross, right?



Until Rodney can respond...

Rodney shows how he throws his hooks from CM in his UK/Denmark Seminar vid, which I think is THE essential vid for his system, and I think I've seen all of them.

He does throw them from the top of his head. I would tell you more, but I don't want to cut in on a brutha's sales. ;)

Thanks- I actually have that one too- I will watch it again.

All of his videos are amazing.

Don't you lose power throwing your punches from such a high position?

Can you get that seminar on DVD?

Where does it fit into the other Street boxing instructionals?

jonpall: Not if you work at it.

Opash: There is a link at the bottom of this page:

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Has anyone else noticed that when you watch a Rodney Highlight clip that he takes everyone out with body shots? lol. thanks Rodney, make us protect our mellon, only to beat us in the ribs! ;-) (I totally understand that most fights are going to be headhunts, hunchback for compact abs etc..) I just think it's funny that once you've been sparring CM for a while you just give up trying to wreck someone's head and have to start trashing the body!

Hi Kying,
The reason I did not show hooks on sparring 101, is because
I wanted it to be a good starting point for people getting into
sparring. I think until someone has mastered what I coached
on that DVD there is little reason to go any further.

Quit simply if your jab and cross is not good, it almost always
follows that the rest of your game will be bad. When people
tend not to jab and cross correctly they leave enormous
holes in their defense. So take my advice and work the
material on the Sparring 101 DVD and then add hooks. It will
make all the difference.

In respect to hooks. Yes you want to work it from the top of
your head. Does this make it weaker.... any good boxer
knows that a knock-out punch has little to do with how hard
you can hit, but rather how accurately you can make it land
(i.e. when his defense is not there is a good example). With
that said I have ways to increase the power of the hook and
on Sparring 201, which I am hoping to start shooting soon I
will explain this in-depth.

As far as the body shots, if you look very carefully I mostly got
those knockout when my opponents straightened up. As long
as they where in the hunchback stance it was hard to effect a
body shot. I guess one of the strategies in CM is to frustrate
the opponent and force him to go to the body. Most guys
when they do this leave their heads open and it is a great
opportunity to capitalize on that moment. Ultimately though
most people are headhunters and it makes sense to protect
your dome.



Rodney, thanks again.

You are an amazing coach (and a very gracious Underground Poster). I'm just sorry that you live in S. Africa, and I am in the US!

Where can I order this? My browser won't open the website listed.

This is the message from Rodney's site:

Please note that the store will be down for the next few days.

We are changing payment gateways and will have the store up ASAP!

Please email me with any enquiries.

Sparring 101 is great, but truthfully there were some very important things in the Denmark seminar tape that I think are very important and I was suprised that they weren't covered on Sparring 101

ex. the placement of the "guard" in CM, one near center one off center to allow for periphreal, and some details on the movement..

either way, I'd recommend that someone buy BOTH to get an amazing tutorial on the system.